My Qualifications


I hold a PhD and MA in Criminal Justice as well as a BA in psychology
I have edited several novels from noted authors such as Michael Karner, Sibel Hodge, D.P. Prior, M.R. Mathias, Rex Jameson, Curtis Hox and N. Gemini-Sasson
In the course of my academic career, I supervised over 20 graduate theses and dissertations, several of which were subsequently published in peer reviewed journals.  I also supervised over 100 undergraduate senior capstone projects.  During this time, I served as a reviewer for the National Science Foundation, the Economic and Social Research Council and over a dozen academic journals. I was also an Associate Editor for Justice Quarterly from 2004-2008. 
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        REPRINT: Chapter 24 (pp. 341-365) in Gabbidon, Shaun L. and Helen Taylor Greene's (2005) Race, Crime and Justice: A Reader. Routledge Publishing Company. ISBN 0-415-94707-3

(Fall 2002) “Differential Usage of Guideline Standards by Defendant Race and Gender in Federal Drug Sentences: Fact or Fiction?” The Federal Sentencing Reporter 159-164

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